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We are a full-service travel agency and a local tour operator. Travel with Me also has a very successful Solo Travellers Club. If you are Solo by Choice or Solo by Circumstance then the Team at Travel with Me can help you. We have all had many years of experience in the travel industry and have been very fortunate to have worked in many different areas of travel. We understand Solo travel and the challenges that arise when travelling on your own.

Exclusive Journeys

Travel with Me is always providing great deals and exclusive journeys (EJ). If you are looking for a unique travel experience and wish to share it with a small group of like-minded travellers then check out what Travel with Me has coming up.

Private Journeys

Similar to our Exclusive Journeys, our Private Journeys  are small group journeys created solely for our Travel with Me members. These journeys are escorted by our trusted suppliers and partners who will take very good care of you from the time you arrive at your destination. Look for  (PJ) to spot these journeys .

Selected Journeys

Selected Journeys are Travel experiences that are chosen for their popularity and requested by our members (SJ). We can then promote a particular journey or holiday package on a selected date on behalf of our members with the aim of adding travel companions to their trip.

Hot Solo Deals

Our suppliers know we are always out to get the best deals for our Travel with Me members so they come to us first when the best deals hit. We are constantly updating this area with new and wonderful deals for the Solo Traveller, here you will find great offers with little or no single supplements as well as great deals from companies that offer twin price guarantees for Solo Travellers.


Travel with Me runs regular events to provide opportunities for our Solo Travellers to hook up with other like minded people. Events are run at different times, different days and with different themes to ensure there will always be something to suit everyone.

Join our Community in Western Australia

Live, Love or just wanna know more about WA? Then Join our community to share and inspire with your experiences and your pics and fall in love (again) with Western Australia. Please invite your friends to share in our community – to ask questions, offer advice and be inspired to wander out yonder in WA.  Let’s share stories and jaw dropping pics. Adventure awaits you in WA.

Are you looking for something different?

We are a full service travel agent so please email any specific quote requests you have and we will find the best deal for you.