annette holding her dog

Annette Porter

Managing Director & Tour Escort

Hello! I’m Annette Porter, and I must confess—I have an insatiable addiction to travel! My journey began in the early ’90s when I left Australia and didn’t return for six years. During this time, I guided tours for vibrant groups of 18 to 35-year-olds across Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia, sparking my boundless passion for exploration. In 1996, after returning to Australia, I embarked on a new path as a Travel Consultant, dedicated to helping others fulfill their travel dreams.

Over the years, I’ve managed several travel agencies and led intimate groups on adventures both abroad and within Australia. But then, life took an unexpected turn with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving up was never an option. While my team fought for our clients’ rights amidst the chaos of cancellations, I pivoted to focus on local opportunities, determined to offer remarkable getaways within Western Australia (WA). Little did we know, our global connections would be severed for three years, leaving us to explore the breathtaking beauty of WA. If I had to be confined anywhere, WA would be my paradise of choice. During these challenging times, Travel with Me remained steadfast, guiding small groups through WA’s stunning landscapes and reigniting our love for this incredible region. We even created a Facebook group to showcase the marvels of WA. This group now extends beyond WA to include travel around the world, and we invite all lovers of travel to get involved with the group. Click here to join the Travel with Me in Western Australia Group.

One silver lining of this period was discovering the Southern Forests region. The photo shows me with Max, an enthusiastic truffle dog, during our first truffle hunt in Manjimup in winter 2021. This tour was so exceptional that we developed a variety of seasonal experiences for everyone to enjoy. Keep an eye out for these incredible experiences on our website. I might also mention here that another silver lining at the time, was that I fell in love with the region and now call Manjimup home. ❤️

With our borders finally open again, the world is once more within reach for those eager to embrace new experiences. We have incredible adventures on offer from around the globe, and we invite you to explore our diverse options under Destinations and Our Trip Types.

️ Let the adventures begin! ️