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Annette Porter

Managing Director & Tour Escort

Greetings! I’m Annette Porter, and I confess, I have an insatiable addiction to Travel! My realization dawned during the early 90s when I ventured out of Australia and didn’t return until six years later. Back then, I found myself immersed in guiding tours for the vibrant 18 to 35-year-olds, traversing through Europe’s enchanting landscapes, even extending to the realms of Russia and Scandinavia. This was the inception of my boundless passion for exploring new horizons. As fate would have it, upon my return in 1996, I embarked on a fresh path as a Travel Consultant, dedicated to helping others fulfil their travel dreams.

Over numerous years, I’ve skilfully managed several Travel Agencies, escorting intimate groups of wanderers on adventures both overseas and within our local borders. But then, without warning, life took an unforeseen turn, thrusting us into an unfamiliar realm—the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Yet, surrender wasn’t in my vocabulary. While my team diligently fought for our clients’ rights amid the chaos of cancellations, I pivoted to focus on local opportunities, determined to continue offering our clients remarkable getaways, now solely within Western Australia (WA).

Little did we anticipate that our connection to the world would be severed for a staggering two years, isolating us within the breathtaking embrace of WA. I must admit, I am forever indebted to this remarkable corner of the world. If ever confined, WA is the paradise I’d choose. In these trying times, Travel with Me remained unwavering, escorting small groups through the landscapes of WA, rekindling our passion for this astounding region. We’ve even established a Facebook group dedicated to showcasing the marvels of WA. If you share a love for Western Australia, I invite you to join our group and spread the affection. Click here to be part of the Travel with Me in Western Australia Group.

Amid these turbulent times, a silver lining emerged—the discovery of the Southern Forests region. The image captures a moment with Max, an enthusiastic Truffle dog, during our inaugural truffle hunt in Manjimup, winter of 2021. The tour unfolded into a tapestry of remarkable experiences, so distinct and remarkable that we’ve curated an array of seasonal experiences for all to relish. Just navigate to the Southern Forest Experiences section on our homepage for a glimpse of the options. Our Gems tours hold a special place, offering an intimately curated journey, fully inclusive, and brimming with unique encounters that remain beyond the reach of independent exploration. (note that group sizes are capped at 12 to 14 participants).

If your wanderlust extends beyond WA’s boundaries, I encourage you to explore the many options under Destinations and Our Trip Types.

Undoubtedly, the world has undergone a transformation, yet our unyielding desire to embrace novelty and immerse ourselves in new encounters remains unchanged.

️ Let the adventures begin! ️