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Don’t travel alone – Travel with Me!

The trend for solo travel looks to be as healthy as ever, even in uncertain times. According to during these tougher economic times, people are now solo travelling more and more. Because their friends might not be in the same position to travel and to take time off, many are opting to strike out alone rather than staying at home.

Trips however, are always so much more enjoyable when they are shared; there are always observations and questions you want to ask/share with someone else and memories to be shared. The thing about travelling with us is that you won’t be alone for long! Whether you are recently single, your friends are too busy to come along, or you enjoy the idea of making new connections; a group tour can be fun and the friendships that you will make can often last a lifetime. 

So if you have been thinking about travelling but have been too afraid to go alone then travel with me! At Travel with Me we endeavor to link you up with a group tour or another solo traveller so that you can share your holiday experience in a safe and hassle free environment of group travel. PLUS we have designed tours with the sole purpose of matching genuine travellers together to enjoy the company of like minded people. 

Looking for someone to travel with? Check out our Travel Companions Club where you could find someone to join you on your next holiday, OR simply book in for one of our exclusive tours such as our upcoming Giving Back Tour in November or register now for South America next year.