Another trip with Annette from TWME, this time the Truffles and Gems in Manjimup , may not be exotic But it is an eye opener into this region for the Quality they produce and how they have changed farming habits.

In a 5 day holiday we were based at a Re-vamped motel that gave us everything we needed, had daily breakfast across the road at Two Little Black Birds which would rate well above most Perth eateries. Food and Service Brilliant

During the days we visited local businesses like a Trout and Marron Farm where we heard how ideas have changed on how to function and survive, and that industry is actually listening to what they are achieving, lunch at Dingup House an old homestead, 3 Ryans Eggs where the chooks live in caravans and run free in the paddocks , Apple orchards to eat fresh apples off the trees , and Avocado Plantations. And we got to Listen to All the Producers tell their storey on how they are improving the Primary Industry Farming. We even got to follow the dogs find Truffles in a working environment and Listen to Mel explain how it all works with planting and dog training.

Wines with dinner in their shed at Woodgate was exceptional.

Peos Estate is a brilliant experience listening to Vic and Benta tell their story on farming , and they can BBQ a nice steak, and they are great company.

Tasting plate and wine pairing at Truffle Hills is a great way to fill in a couple of hours on the way home.

Always good to listen to to winemakers stories and how they actually help out their neighbours who are also their competitors

Joe Ditri presents an exceptional Thursday night dinner and a open chat to discuss produce in the Manjimup region.

Well worth doing this holiday , thoroughly enjoyed the solo travelling group , Annette and Peter and their group of producers they took us to,  even enjoyed Sausage production and tastings in another shed environment.

Plenty of places you would not visit without an escorted holiday

Well worth doing this holiday , Have booked on further ones

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