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Testimonial – Vietnam

It was my pleasure to book with “Travel With Me” on a small group tour travelling to Vietnam 2 years ago. What fun we had. Lots of laughter, eating and savouring the wonderful sights of Vietnam. I have kept in touch with several of the group to this day. And we still laugh a lot when we meet.

Yvonne, Robyn, Fiona and Silke heading towards Red Bridges Cooking School

(Yvonne, Robyn, Fiona and Silke on a boat to the Red Bridges Cooking School)

However “Travel With Me” is more than a group of interested people travelling together. It is a travel agent. Last year I travelled to Ireland, Scotland and England and “Travel With Me” did all the arranging, from flights, insurance, booking my 14 day tour, and hotel in London. All without a problem. Again I met some wonderful people and still keep in touch with them.
I would thoroughly recommend “Travel With Me” for all your travel needs.


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