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Testimonial – Mauritius

I will thank you, Travel With Me team in the professional way the whole trip to Mauritius was arranged and carried out for the week.

Nobody would starve or dehydrate at all with what was provided at Le Victoria and other venues we visited to try another culture, and the rum factory, with a meal. We were lucky to see that palm that flowers once after 60 years, then it will die. Nature sure does some unusual things.

Talipot Palm

(The Talipot Palm blooms only once in 60 years and then the tree dies)

The visits to historical sites, as well as the famous DO-DO bird’s museum, extinct in 1681. Now I know how the expression came about, as it could not fly. Dumb as a DO-DO.

Dodo in Mauritius

(Dodo bird in the museum)

The highlight for me was the walking with the lions, even though that incident back at their home, drew them away leaving us. I certainly saw the humour in that, a family thing.

Walking with the Lions with Travel with Me

(Walking with the Lions at Casella)


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