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Testimonial – Giving Back

I have just returned from the “Giving Back Tour” in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. What an adventure!!! This holiday was full of surprises and I met some wonderful people along the way. My favourite country was Laos. It is so untouched by the outside world, so my advice is go now before it is. Luang Prabang (where we had 3 heavenly nights at a fabulous french hotel (Villa Maly) was so beautiful and peaceful. The food in Laos was also a highlight and we had dinners at some excellent restaurants.

(Our trek to the village in Laos) 

Children are my real passion so our visit to the village school was wonderful and quite an adventure as we ended up getting there on the back of a truck!!!!! Nothing like stepping out of the comfort zone for a while.

(Group at Angkor Wat)

Visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia was also very special. This country has such a unique and sad history. We visited the Children’s Hospital that was started by a Japanese photographer who was in Cambodia on assignment. Amazing what one person with vision can do. It was an absolute pleasure to support this cause by buying from their shop. Four brave ladies in our group gave blood as well.

Our accomodation in Siem Reap was fantastic and I could have stayed there forever drinking Mojitos and having massages.

This holiday was really something I will never forget. A perfect mix of luxury and adventure and I highly recommend it.


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