The below mentioned Terms and Conditions will apply in respect of the engagement of Travel with Me (“TWMe”) by the Customer and the Customer acknowledges and agrees that any services provided by TWMe are subject to the Customer’s acceptance of such Terms and Conditions:

1 TWMe advertises in local media and on the web to attract and to link up like minded Customers for small group tours.

2 When the Customer engages the services of TWMe they agree to pay TWMe’s fee at the time of booking.

2.2 The Customer may pay by cash or credit card or bank transfer or cheque (on some occasions)

3 TWMe will not be liable nor are the Customers or their personal representatives entitled to hold TWMe liable for any damages or loss suffered by the Customer or the estate of the Customer due to personal injury or death or to the goods of the Customer arising from any act of or omission by any person or persons introduced to the Customer by TWMe as a result of TWMe linking up the Customer with such persons to share and travel with on a Travel with Me Journey.

3.1 TWMe will not be liable for any additional or out of pocket expenses, should, prior to or during the pre-arranged travels, your travel companion be unable to fulfil their obligations for that journey. All clients are responsible for any additional costs of accommodation or any other travel arrangements that may be incurred as a result of a travelling companion cancelling. Note: Additional Expenses arising from this situation are NOT always covered by travel insurance

3.2 The Customer acknowledges that such persons are not known to TWMe and TWMe does not make and is not obliged to make any enquiry in regard to such persons.

3.3 The Customer and their personal representatives accordingly release and hold TWMe harmless from any such claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.

3.4 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any release and indemnity given by the Customer and their personal representatives to TWMe under these Terms and Conditions shall cover any form of damage to goods, accident, personal injury or death either whilst in an airplane, in transit to and from the airport in Australia and at any destination where such groups shall gather or be travelling together and such release shall apply to any and all medical and/or hospital expenses which may be incurred as a result thereof and such release may be pleaded in bar to any such claim by the Customer or their personal representative against TWMe.

3.5 It is compulsory for the Customer to take out suitable travel insurance as provided within the cost of travel either through TWMe or another recognised travel insurer acceptable to TWMe and the Customer acknowledges that they will maintain no claim against TWMe and limit any claim which they may make against the insurer to any amounts which may be covered under the insurance policies with any excess paid by the Customer in the event of any such claim.

3.6 The customer acknowledges and agrees that they are fit and healthy and are able to participate in their chosen itinerary. The customer acknowledges that they are able to carry own bags and the customer understands that Travel with Me is unable to provide individual assistance to the customers needs. Should individual assistance be required then this will be at the customers expense and subject to the availability at the time it is required. Travel with Me reserves the right to refuse anyone who we believe may be unable to safely participate in the tour or who may negatively impact the experience of their fellow participants.

4 TWMe reserves the right to, without limitation, cancel your membership, modify your profile, deactivate your membership and/or block access to the TWMe website and any associated sites. Management decision will be final.

4.2 TWMe reserves the right to cancel any member at any time if it is considered that that member has engaged in or performed any type of abuse, slander or any threatening behaviour on the Travel with Me website or any associated sites or any media type. Management decision will be final.

4.2 TWMe reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. This includes the right to refuse your request to participate in any of our tours and/or events and the right to refuse to link you with a travel companion from our member database. Management decision will be final.

4.3 If TWMe cannot find a suitable travel companion to share then you will need to pay all single supplements due, alternatively you may cancel, and we will refund your deposit.

4.4 TWMe reserves the right to terminate a customer’s participation in a tour at any time prior to or during this tour if it is determined that the customer is causing disruption and or interfering with the enjoyment of others booked on the tour. No claim for compensation will be allowable for any unused part of the tour or any out of pocket expenses incurred by the customer as a result of being cancelled off a tour. The customer will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of leaving the tour early whether by choice or otherwise. This includes any costs associated with returning home. Management decision will be final.

4.5 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that should they wish to relocate to a private room due incompatibility with their travel companion, that they are responsible to pay any additional charges required.

5 TWMe reserves its right to change, cancel or modify itineraries or bookings if changed circumstances require them to do so or minimum numbers are not reached.

6 TWMe will book all airfares in conjunction with their Exclusive and Selected Journeys. If the customer chooses to book their own airfare, then TWMe will not be responsible for any costs involved if for any reason TWMe needs to make changes to their itineraries resulting in new dates.

7 Reference to the word “Customer” shall include any one or more of the parties referred to in the schedule of details to which these terms and conditions are attached, which parties’ liability to TWMe shall be joint and several.

8 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any travel arrangements and other services offered by TWMe in their capacity as a travel agent, shall be subject to the standard Terms and Conditions of their travel arm which Terms and Conditions the Customer will be obliged to accept before any such travel arrangements and/or services are concluded on behalf of the Customer.

9 These Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon the Executors, Administrators and Heirs of the Customer. 10 These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the Laws in the State of Western Australia and/or Australia and the Customer agrees to submit to and adjudicate any claims the Customer may institute in the Courts of Australia.

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