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Staff Story – Lisa Cardew

2019 with Lisa Cardew

I was recently lucky enough to travel to Peru with G Adventures.  G Adventures approach to travel is quite different to the norm – they focus on responsible and sustainable travel by supporting locally owned business.  They invest in the local communities and environments their travellers visit, by assisting with business startups and then bring the travellers through these businesses, thereby creating an income for the local community.  The passion that G Adventures employees have for their company flows right through to the on ground experience for the traveller, and you will come away with wonderful memories of a well thought out and organised itinerary.


We flew Latam on the Dreamliner and its was a very pleasant experience.  Great food, service, good entertainment made for a very comfortable flight.  The extra leg room seats were worth every dollar and came complete with a footrest and better lumbar support.  Note that internal flights within South America are not in the same league as Latam’s long haul flights – the experience is quite different.


Peru – what a wonderful country.  We spent time in Lima and Cusco and of course spent a day at Peru’s ‘jewel in the crown’ – Machu Picchu.  In Lima we did a city tour and spent time walking around the colourful Barranco district which is full of street art.  Cusco was a beautiful city filled with historical buildings, charm and culture.  I would gladly spend a week exploring this vibrant city.  Cusco is at a high altitude so you may experience some effects of altitude sickness, but most people only notice minor symptoms.  Cusco is the jumping off point for Machu Picchu.  We travelled to a quaint town called Ollantaytambo (would have loved to have more time poking around here) where we boarded the train to Aguas Calientes to begin our visit to Machu Picchu.  The train ride was about 90 minutes and travelled along the river and between the mountains giving us a small taste of what was to come.  It was then a bus up the mountain to the site of Machu Picchu.  On arrival after entering the site (you even get a stamp in your passport!), you walk up some stairs for about 5 minutes or so before the magnificent view of Machu Picchu unfolds in front of you.  No words or pictures can prepare you for this amazing site.  We have all seen pictures and know what to expect, but the size is far greater than you can imagine and the setting amongst the mountains is spectacular.  We spent several hours exploring the ruins with commentary from our knowledgeable guide.  Truly a day to remember!


If you are foodie, then Peru should definitely be on your bucket list.  Peruvian cuisine claims to be some of the best in the world and the food we sampled certainly lived up to this reputation.  With the freshest of ingredients, they create the most amazing salads and vegetable dishes.  Some of the specialty dishes on show included ceviche and cuy (guinea pig, a local delicacy).  Not to mention, over 4000 varieties of potato are grown which are used to create some of the most amazing potato dishes I have ever tasted.  Fresh fruit was also delicious and the vibrant colours were a pleasure to the eye.  The local drink Pisco is used to make the Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru and a must taste during your adventures.



If you are planning to visit South America, be sure to include Peru in your itinerary.  With the amazing scenery, delicious food and unique culture you will come away with a heart full of fond memories of a beautiful country.