Southern Forests Experiences

Welcome to our exclusive Southern Forests Experiences! Partnering with Peter Casonato, a respected local and proprietor of Donnelly River Cruises in Manjimup, Travel with Me presents a series of “Hidden Gems” Experiential Journeys. Our trilogy of seasonal Gems Journeys is dedicated to unveiling the stories of the Southern Forests Region, introducing you to the dedicated locals behind its farms and vineyards. We take pride as the sole facilitator connecting you intimately with the area’s people and producers. As you immerse yourself in their tales, these acquaintances will soon feel like old friends, sharing their authentic experiences with you. Prepare for an extraordinary approach to understanding and savoring the local wines; whether it’s a dinner prepared by a renowned local winemaker in the comfort of their home or a delightful event centered around cheese-making and wine pairing, hosted by another exceptional local vintner. Our privileged access grants entry to areas not typically open to the public. This behind-the-scenes journey offers a comprehensive insight into a region swiftly gaining recognition as Western Australia’s burgeoning food haven. Naturally, our itinerary boasts a bounty of fine food and wine experiences, including exclusive dinners crafted by multi-award-winning chefs to showcase the region’s exceptional local flavours.

Our vine to wine and paddock plate Agri-food tours bring farm tours to a whole new level!

Want to find out a little more about our Southern Forests Gems? Watch this video taken during one of our original Truffles & Other Hidden Gem Journeys.

Annette Porter and Peter Casonato


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