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Small Groups

Finally a travel company has come up with an exciting new concept for the Solo Traveller and for those who want to travel in small groups with people that share similar interests. Travel with Me, an online travel agency with a Travel Companions Club, will not only link you up with other Solo Travellers but can link you into small groups of travellers who share similar interests and can offer tour options both domestically and around the world.

How it works

Tours and events are for members only and membership to Travel with Me is absolutely free. To become a member all you need to do is log on to and register your details. Not only will you receive our newsletters with the latest travel news but you will also be able to participate in our forums on your chosen special interest groups. Chat with other members as well as our experts in your chosen interest category and pick up some great hints and tips.

For those Solo Travellers looking for a travel companion you will be able to join our exclusive Solo Traveller Group. You will need to complete an extended profile and then submit a request for free membership to this group. Once accepted you will be able to post information about the type of trip you would like to do and requests for like minded people to travel with. You will have the ability to private message other Solo Travellers from this group in a private and secure environment.

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