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(PJ) Perth to Exmouth Return Backpacking Adventure – 4 June 2021

Departing 4 June 2021


We have had interest from members for a simpler backpacking style of trip. This is certainly a very popular choice due to the beautiful inclusions of WA’s stunning nature and because of the incredible price! While this fabulous tour will be suited to many, it may not appeal to all, particularly if you are looking for a certain level of comfort and/or private facilities.


This tour is aimed at the very young at heart, who are up for an adventure and who doesn’t care too much about their nightly digs. It is aimed at the backpacker market, staying in backpackers and youth hostels, and in some cases, sharing bathrooms. As there are no real international back backers these days (a big market for this trip) and as we are having a private departure, there is no need to worry about it being just for the “youngies”. If you are up for an adventure and not too fussed about the comfort level then this trip will be an awesome experience!



Private Tour – 7 Day Exmouth Explorer – Hostel Style


Private Custom Tour – 7 Day Exmouth Explorer Standard Hotel Style