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Member Story – Tony

I retired a few years ago and never had time to travel, then realised I had no one to travel with.

I had followed TWM and decided to try a trip with them, picked a short local one being the Ghan, Darwin to Adelaide. had a ball with a group of people who didn’t know each other but just wanted to travel in a group.


A few of them talked of other trips they had been on , and my next one was Vietnam for 2 weeks.

This was exceptional for the coverage we did , the day trips brilliant and again a group of travellers not knowing each other but enjoying the company


Again listening to who had been on other trips , over the next year I then ended up doing France for 2 weeks, Norfolk Island a week and then 2 weeks on Tuscan D’Lish.


Norfolk well worth seeing, a short 1 week trip, plenty of history for early pioneers and the Locals are great guests that offer a relaxed holiday with some very good entertainment , like progressive dinner through their homes and local theatrical nights.


France and Italy, both 2 week trips, were stand out exceptional, the places we were taken, the spare time given and the quality of transport perfect.

Oddly enough, a few of the fun days were the Free days where we got told to head off and find whatever, Annette always made sure we knew roughly where to go, and how to get home again.

A week on a river boat in Bordeaux is a Must to do

Barcelona is a must

Day trips from Paris are eye opening, going to a town called Champagne, Monet’s Garden , lunch at the Eiffel Tower and a lift ride to the top after.

The final lift ride to the top is scary


If you enjoy wine , cheese , sight seeing, old buildings, Balsamic Vinegar , Parma Ham, Breads, vineyards for lunch, then ending up in Venice for a few days and a power boat ride from your hotel to the front door of the Airport to come home, then go on Tuscan D’Lish

You could not fault this one


On All the TWM trips there is well thought out schedules that are obviously based on past experience, and enough Free time to wander off and find a different place to have a meal.

There is a good mix of inclusions and free time to do  your own exploring, or just  having a rest at the hotel


Not sure where the next trip will be to, Or when we can travel, but anything local in WA would be good once regional borders are open , Overseas I’d like to look at train trips anywhere. Still have never seen snow.