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Member Story – Steve

I have travelled a fair bit by myself and quite like it, but it can get a bit lonely and its often nice to be able to turn to someone and say, “wow look at that!’ Then I stumbled upon Travel With Me while trying to find tickets to the Jackson Brown Leeuwin Concert a few years ago. TWM had tickets and a small group going by bus from Perth & Mandurah. It was great as everyone was looking forward to the same experience, so we had something in common from the start. The weekend was a real hoot and very well organised and catered for. Jackson was pretty darn good as well!

Since then, I’ve done the Polish & Baltic Jewels trip followed by the Russian Waterways tour which featured an unbelievable river cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow. What I liked about this trip other than the spectacular scenery & daily history lessons was that I could still do my own thing in our free time if I wanted too but have the company and support of the group to enjoy the spectacle with.

Once Covid ruled out International travel I was delighted with the fact that TWM were on the front foot organising local excursions so that we could all get moving again and see a bit more of our own State.

After procrastinating about a couple of the trips I jumped on the Kalgoorlie Kapers tour escorted by Annette. I was initially attracted by the opportunity to attend the Races which is only fun when done in company. Other drawcards were the train trip and the opportunity to see Lake Ballard. The whole tour was fun from beginning to end and seemed to last for weeks as we fitted so much in. Kalgoorlie is unique in its history, stories, architecture and simply different to anywhere else you can visit locally. The group were a fun lot and we did our bit to support the local hospitality industry in its time of crisis.

Have recently completed the Southern Forests eight-day trip which featured much wine & food tasting with Bibbulmun Track walks to wear off the damage. Once again, this trip was escorted by Annette who ensured that we all had a memorable time. This trip also seemed to last longer as we did so much every day, but it was never taxing.  Apart from the many tastings along the way the highlights for me were the 4WD trip to the coast & the Donnelly River sunset cruise & dinner. There were people on this trip that I had met on previous TWM excursions, so its beginning to be quite a little family of travellers.

The other thing that dawned on me about travelling in a solo group like this is that you don’t have to think, organise or make decisions during the trip, it’s all done for you. I’ve seen how much Annette does along the way to make sure things run smoothly and its comforting to know we are in good hands.

At this point I have booked four more Travel With Me adventures for the near future. Its tough work but somebody has to do it, so join in!