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Member Story – Ros

Hi Everyone,

I did my first trip to the Scandinavian Countries with Travel with Me in 2017.

Previous to this I did a trip to NZ by myself and found it very lonely with only two other “singles” on this trip.

Our trip to Scandi was escorted by Jean, we had a fabulous trip – saw some amazing scenery especially as there had been unseasonable heavy snowfalls.

The highlight was going to the Arctic Circle-truly spectacular!

Our group were a lot of fun with lots of laughs on the bus and then to have company each night to go and have dinner together was very enjoyable.


I went to Vietnam in 2019-this wasn’t escorted but there were four other “singles” and we all got on so well  the other guests though we all knew each other!

The business of Saigon with traffic and motorbikes will always stay in my mind!


Travelling with Annette and her tours is for me the best way to travel as you have likeminded people and always have company.

I am looking forward to more travel that has had to be postponed due to the current situation.

Tuscan Delish is next on my itinerary.


Happy travels

Ros Duane