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Member Story – Jane

Finding myself a widow I searched online for solo travel groups, discovering TWME not far from my hometown made it easy for me to consider the many varied itineraries that Annette had on offer.

Most recently I embarked on the Kalgoorlie Kapers. Why Kalgoorlie my friends asked? Why not, I replied we couldn’t go overseas we couldn’t do our usual trip to Bali I had never been before I love traveling I love meeting new people I love taking photos for Instagram, but more than that I wanted to support local businesses and I wanted to explore my own backyard.

I really enjoy the luxuries that an organised tour brings to your overall experience. Travel, accommodation, tours and what are we going to eat is all arranged for you. Annette did a fantastic job putting this itinerary together during Covid 19 and when the regional hard borders finally came down this was TWME first organised tour and what an absolute blast we all had.

I have missed being able to go overseas but that sadness went away from the moment we embarked on our train journey to Kalgoorlie. Having met some of my new travelling companions on our zoom meeting we all settled in chatting and excited for the adventure ahead of us.

Personally I found the experience that Annette provided for me, for all of us, in Kalgoorlie far exceeded my expectations.

I don’t go to the races so I took the opportunity to have a “rest” day and unwind from what had been a rather unsettling year with the worldwide pandemic.

Our accommodation was clean neat tidy and very close within walking distance to the town centre. All our tours were just brilliant we packed so much in there was never a dull moment to be had. Plenty of time to rest up before we headed of for our evening meal lots of great wines to enjoy while sharing our daily highlights.

Learning about the history of Kalgoorlie was fascinating I would be hard pressed to pin point one highlight of this tour but if I had to it would have to be the company.

Travelling to new places new experiences new foods new cultures is always exciting but one can not go past the company that we share, the new friendships we make, that for me is what travelling is all about.

After having so much fun on the Kalgoorlie Kapers I booked a Cape to Cape Highlights tour Margaret River 5 night stay which was an incredible experience another successful tour where Annette who has hiked along the Cape to Cape solo was invaluable as our expert guide in this most rugged spectacular coastline of WA.

What’s in store for 2021? So many to choose from one wants to do them all. A big thanks to Annette for providing great choices opportunities and a wide variety of experiences which includes everyone.