Free the Bears – Sponsor Update

An update from Free the Bears about our sponsor bear, Mary Christmas.

NAME: Mary Christmas
DETAILS: Female, rescued Dec 2018

ABN: 23 763 253 031
Charity #: A1004507U
T:+66(0)8 9244 4649
Box 1393 OsborneParkDC 6916 WA

Mary remains quite smitten with younger male Facebook (who has now been adopted and officially named Facebook), with the two spending hours together wrestling (click here to watch and more of Mary here), engaging in play or lounging on climbing structures together. While generally a calm bear who likes to keep the peace, Mary doesn’t hesitate to assert herself if Pandy encroaches on her man’s territory.

The 4th bear in their group has also been adopted and named, welcome Fonty. Mary can be picky with her food and doesn’t like choko. Exciting developments are underway at the sanctuary with Bear Houses 8 and 9 nearing completion, after which we’ll have a lot of bear moves for the rapidly growing cubs. Since our last update, we’ve rescued more bears from a lifetime of suffering, including 2 young moon bear brothers recently rescued (watch the rescue by clicking here) and a young orphaned female moon bear (watch here).

We’ve also just rescued 16 orphaned bear cubs in one day in Laos, the largest rescue of cubs in history, placing immense strain on our team (especially as 2 more cubs were rescued just days later). Our heartfelt thanks for your support, which enables us to continue caring for remarkable bears like Mary.

The aim of Free the Bears is to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world

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