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Member Story – Alan & Helen

I would definitely recommend this Journey (Truffles & Other Hidden Gems of the Southern Forests) because it is so unusual to the normal expected tour. It is the personal touch to each activity and lots of passion from the people that we met. – Alan You are doing such a great job Annette, we loved […]

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Member Story – Tony

Another trip with Annette from TWME, this time the Truffles and Gems in Manjimup , may not be exotic But it is an eye opener into this region for the Quality they produce and how they have changed farming habits. In a 5 day holiday we were based at a Re-vamped motel that gave us […]

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Frank Flavours Feb 22

Member Story – Frank

Apart from the total fabulous experience I was most impressed with the opportunity to see and hear the growers and producers stories about their journey to establishing their businesses. Then sitting down each night to savour the produce prepared and presented by chefs who anywhere else would be awarded a HAT or two. The food was […]

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Member Story – Tracey

I think people should jump to these trips with Travel with Me. Its hard to explain just what a wonderful experience it really is. Cant wait for my next trip. Tracey – Flavours & Gems of the Southern Forests – February 2022 Click here to see details of our next Flavours & Gems of the […]

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Lucy Cotton

Member Story – Lucy

I used to travel with the big name companies. Too many people. Impersonal and huge fees for travelling solo. So Glad I discovered Travel with Me. These journeys are experiences in reconnecting with WA. The locals, primary producers, fresh produce, hands on…. LOVE IT! Lucy – Flavours & Gems of the Southern Forests 14 March […]

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Sue in cocos

Member Story – Sue

The week I spent on Cocos island with “Travel with me” was like being transported to a picturesque pacific island with great water activities like snorkelling, kayaking and motorized canoes to island hop, all perfectly organised along with touring the main islands, rounded off with great meals and the Cocos club for after dinner fun. […]

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June small

Member Story – June

I have never experienced anything like this tour it felt so personal Meeting all the Farmers, the Chefs , the wine experts and everyone else Pete our tour guide introduced us to and being drawn into their stories and their passion for what they do All Local Gems of the South West.  Tasting all the […]

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Jennifer Powell

Member Story – Jennifer

Wow, the magnificent Manjimup region really opened my eyes the the delights of this corner of WA.  The farmers and producers that we met blew us away with their knowledge, passion and commitment to developing sustainable food production.  Their enthusiasm is contagious, and we enjoyed some fabulous meals prepared with the produce of the region.  A […]

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Karen Capes

Member Story – Karen

What a great trip. The Cape to Cape has been on my bucket list for a while; however, after a (very-experienced-walker) friend had a torturous time when she did it, I was put off the idea. Enter Annette from ‘Travel with me’ and a curated selection of the Capes walk – 3 sections of various […]

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Sherwood Albany 2 sm

Member Story – Kathryn

This trip was one of the best road trips I’ve ever done!  I hadn’t travelled to any of the places on the itinerary so everything was new and exciting.  It was a very well-planned itinerary, which flowed seamlessly from one stop to the next.  Chocky and Greg were fabulous tour leaders who gave us all the […]

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