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Avoid becoming a Babysitter on your Holiday with Solo Travel Agents

Join Travel with Me, Travel Agents specialising in Solo Travel

Balancing the needs of multiple people on a travel plan is no easy feat. You may have friends that each want to have their own itinerary and need to split up in order to pursue their activities, or you may have reluctant spouses and partners who do not have the energy or mood to get into the most exotic landscapes and locations.

Shucking the chaff from a holiday has never before been possible without having to do a mountain of work on your own, but with Solo Travel agents from Travel with Me, the chance to get out into the wonders of the world is now possible for those who would rather explore vibrant locations and cultures on their own.


Solo Travellers on the Amazon

Just because Solo Travel agents can help you get from home to a new continent without worrying about other people, however, does not mean that you will be travelling alone. One of the greatest advantages of Travel with Me is that their services help link you together with other travellers who want to leave uninterested friends and family out of their plans.

Meeting other solo travellers at social events before the journey, during the first day of a cruise, and once you reach some of the fabled ports of call allows everyone to develop friendships and travelling networks that make the stay (and future stays) more amenable.

What is your favorite type of travel? If you like getting up in the air to go thousands of miles away, Travel with Me’s experienced solo Travel agents can book you on plane flights to the lush rain forests of Borneo, the ancient cities of Thailand, or the dizzying peaks of the Andes.

Your Solo Travel Agent can link you with other like minded people

You may prefer going at a leisurely pace on a luxurious cruise, solo travel on cruise lines voyaging up the Norwegian coast or through the cultural capitals of Europe like Budapest or Amsterdam. If you want a holiday that is much closer to home, Travel with Me organises social events for local travel routes like the Cape-to-Cape walk; next planned for April 2013.


Join Solo Travel Agents, Travel with Me on their next Capes Walk

Membership with Travel with Me offers far more than a brochure and a few pieces of advice. A comprehensive travel plan is available through their experienced staff, allowing you access to regions that other tourists could never get into, and putting you in touch with other travel companions who are interested in finding like-minded people to share their experiences with.

Whether you need only a few days away from work or you want to get away from the status quo for several weeks, our Travel Agents can help you become integrated into the touring community so that your next holiday opportunity becomes one of the best memories of your life.

Check out Solo Travel Agents Travel with Me, and find out whats coming up!